What Are the Best Adhesives for Installing Facade Stones?

Everything you need to know about a great adhesive for installing facade stones

One of the building’s beautification elements is its facade. you can see that the use of different types of stones for the appearance of buildings has increased significantly by looking around. One of the most important things in installing a facade stone is the installation method. One of the best methods is to use epoxy adhesives. In order to choose the right epoxy adhesive for this job, you have to consider many factors, all of which cannot be explained in this article. For full knowledge of the mentioned factors, you can read “What is an Epoxy Adhesive? All You Need to Know About Epoxy Resin Adhesives”.

Stay tuned to get acquainted with the best epoxy adhesive for installing stone facades.

Types of facade stone and its suitable adhesive

Not all stones can be used for facade buildings. Because facade stones have unique features such as beauty, high strength, resistance, and the ability to be cut and engraved. In fact, these features make them suitable for use in building facades. To get acquainted with these stones and epoxy stone adhesive suitable for their installation, we recommend reading this part of the article carefully.

Types of stone facades

Travertine facade stone

Travertine facade stone can be provided in dark and light colors. This rock has a marbled appearance and has a high resistance to climate change. If you plan to use travertine stone in the installation of your building facade, you should use clear epoxy stone adhesive. Because this stone is transparent and can reflect adhesive color when exposed to light

Marble facade

One of the most beautiful and expensive facade stones is marble. This stone is extracted from mines in different colors. One of the features that sets this stone apart from other products is its ability to pass light. For this reason, the best epoxy adhesive to install this stone is a light-colored adhesive.

Granite facade stone

Granite is one of the most widely used stones in stone facades. This stone has a clear and beautiful appearance and has high strength and resistance to abrasion and climate change. This stone has a beautiful and shiny appearance. Therefore, you should use light-colored adhesive to install it so that the beauty of the facade is maintained.


Porcelain stone is a suitable product for building facades due to its high strength. The color of this stone varies from white to gray. When using this product to install facade stone, if its color is dark, you can use dark epoxy adhesives. But if selected stones are white, it is better to use light-colored epoxy glue.


Sandstone is one of the sedimentary rocks that with a soft and rough texture. These stones are reasonably priced. You can also use dark colored adhesives for these stones.

It is worth noting that the color of epoxy adhesives has no effect on their adhesion strength. The only difference between the two is the color. Each of them has a high adhesion strength and you can use them safely. To learn how to use these adhesives, you can refer to “Comprehensive Guide to Using Epoxy Adhesive”.


Why is epoxy adhesive better than other methods?

There are several ways to install facade stone. But each has its drawbacks that limit its use. But the use of epoxy stone adhesive can be boldly introduced as the best way to perform a stone façade that satisfies any user. One of the features that makes this method better than other methods is its low cost. This method has a lower cost than Scope Plant and other methods. In addition, its maintenance and reconstruction costs are very low. Because bonding surfaces using the best epoxy adhesive is permanent.

Another advantage of using stone adhesive is easy installation and high speed. Workers do not need to have special expertise in using this method. If you use epoxy adhesive, be certain that temperature changes and weather conditions will not affect the appearance of the building. The high strength of the adhesion enables the facade to face drift, earthquake and other factors without being damaged.

What is the best adhesive for installing facade stone?

The best epoxy adhesive used to install stone must have certain properties. Accordingly, the best adhesive for installing stone should be able to cure at different temperatures. This allows you to safely use it at different environments. In addition, the resistance of the adhesive must be high against temperature changes. The product should be easy to use so that everyone can use it. consistency is another feature of this type of adhesive. High chemical resistance, maintaining adhesion strength under adverse conditions are also suitable properties of epoxy stone adhesive.

Foreign or Iranian adhesives? which one is better?

You may be wondering which is better for installing facade stone, Iranian or foreign adhesive. Anyone who has this in mind only thinks of great results. But you should know that the result will only be great if you use safe and original materials. There are various Iranian and foreign adhesives in the market which makes it difficult for customers to choose. But if you pay attention to only a few points, the answer becomes easy and you can buy the best epoxy adhesive.

  •  Buying the original adhesive:
    First, you should consider that the import of foreign adhesives to the country is limited. The shortage of these products in the market has provided a good ground for profiteers to bring many counterfeit products to the market under the name of foreign adhesives. Therefore, if you buy foreign adhesives, you are more likely to buy counterfeit adhesives. While you can buy Iranian products with confidence and enjoy their quality.
  • Adhesive price:
    If you buy foreign stone adhesive, due to the cost of importing these products as well as their high transportation, they are really costly. Meanwhile, Iranian epoxy stone adhesive has been introduced to the market at a very reasonable price.


According to these statements, it can be seen that buying Iranian adhesives is the best option. These products are in no way inferior to similar foreign products in terms of quality and adhesion properties.


Does the price affect the choice of epoxy adhesive?

If you have chosen to use epoxy adhesive to install facade stone, you need to prepare a suitable adhesive that fits your desired stone. When you go to the market, you will encounter different prices. Once you determine that the product is genuine or counterfeit, it is time to check the price of these adhesives. When doing so, you should pay attention to the fact that you should never sacrifice quality for the price. A product may have a high price, But a performance quality worth the cost. In many cases, adhesives that are very cheap are not of good quality. As a result, using this type of adhesive may cause problems in the implementation of the building facade and its subsequent costs may be irreparable.

Megatite C

Megatite C adhesive is another epoxy adhesive that can be an ideal product for stone facade with its consistency and void filling properties. The color of this product is completely transparent and in cases where the beauty of the surface is considered, it is considered the best epoxy adhesive. This adhesive is used for adhering concrete, wood, polymer and metal surfaces as well as sealing and repairs. Some of the unique features of this product are its high chemical resistance and maintaining adhesion even when immersed in water for a long time after curing.

Megatite S

Megatite S adhesive is one of the two-part adhesives with excellent adhesion. It is known as one of the best epoxy adhesives for installing facade stones. The mixture of resin and hardener is very simple to prepare in a ratio of 1: 1. This product has the ability to cure at room temperature and is effective for bonding concrete, stone and metal surfaces, as well as sealing and repairs. It has a semi-solid structure, a dark color and is flexible.

In order to get acquainted with these adhesives, we recommend reading the datasheets of epoxy adhesives.

Technical comparison of Megatite adhesive with foreign samples

As mentioned in the previous sections, Megatite S and C epoxy stone adhesives compete well with similar foreign products. Many foreign products have high tensile, shear and compressive strength. But Megatite products are no less. Megatite S has a tensile strength of 27 MPa and Megatite C, with a tensile strength of 55 MPa, can show good resistance to stresses. 

The Megatite S also has a shear strength of 13.5 MPa. Therefore, by using this adhesive, you can be sure of the invulnerability of the stones to the desired surface. The compressive and flexural strengths of the Megatite S are 80 and 17 MPa, respectively. Megatite C with a compressive and flexural strength of about 60 and 25 MPa, is able to withstand the adhesion of foreign stones.

Megatite is a manufacturer of two-part epoxy adhesives for various applications in construction, petrochemical, oil, gas, power, water, and wastewater industries.


Today, with the increasing use of stones for building facades, the use of epoxy stone adhesive is also increasing. Relying on the knowledge of its experts, the Megatite brand has produced epoxy adhesives with unique capabilities. The two products Megatite S and Megatite C, which are formulated by this brand, are among the best stone epoxy adhesives. With these products, you can have a beautiful stone facade and be sure of its longevity.

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