Epoxy Adhesives

Two-component epoxy adhesives, with the ability to attach various types of surfaces to each other, high strength, high chemical resistance and excellent environment, gain the highest levels of use as a versatile adhesive in various industries.

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Properties and Benefits

Resistant to vibration and shock

Electrical insulation

Resistant to temperature cycles

Gap filling

Life time at least 50 years

Absolutely solid and no solvent

Chemical resistance in acid and alkali environment

Protective coating against moisture and sunlight

Protective coating against moisture and sunlight

Not flammable

Easy to use and easy to install

No contraction and expansion after cure


Epoxy adhesives are used in industry as a continuous bonding of wide range of surfaces, corrosion-proof coatings, coatings for the repair of equipment and components, live repair of pipelines and vessels.

  • Easy to use on all surface
  • Room temperature cure
  • permanently bond
  • Uniform distribution of stres


Epoxy adhesives have the ability to create a permanent bond with high strength. Two-component epoxy systems include a resin component and a hardener, which exhibit various thermal, optical, electrical, and mechanical properties. These products can also be formulated to be curable at ambient temperatures or at higher temperatures.

Megatite S

Megatite C

Megatite LTN

Megatite LTB

Megatite LTC

Megatite LTL

Megatite LTM

Megatite SF

Megatite FL

Megatite RT

Megatite PM

Megatite PH

Pooyesh Composite yekta Company is able to formulate a variety of two-component epoxy adhesives with mechanical, thermal, chemical and toughness properties according to the type of adhesive used. Also using R & D process and according to the customer’s requirements and the environmental conditions of the place of use, Adhesive produced for the customer with the required capabilities. Some products of this company is in the below table