Epoxy adhesive for repairs and reconstructions

How to use epoxy adhesive to repair and rebuild different surfaces.

In old buildings or even new buildings, there is a need to repair and renovate surfaces in different periods. It is almost impossible for a house to not need to be improved or repaired at all. yet it is very important what methods you use to do these repairs or how much these renovations will cost. In this article, we tried to guide you in doing these and provided you with the best method for repairs and reconstructions. So stay tuned for the rest of this article.

Epoxy adhesives and its applications in repair and reconstruction of surfaces

The use of epoxy in various industries has led to an increase in their use in recent years. One of the applications of this product is the use of epoxy adhesive for repair and reconstruction. These products are a suitable material for repair, restoration and renovation of various surfaces due to their excellent adhesion properties. Accordingly, you can use these adhesives, for cracks in concrete, cracks in tiles, ceramics, glass, stone, etc. In addition, these products are suitable for repairing wooden, metal and plastic surfaces. Epoxy adhesive works as a strong barrier on the damaged area and after cured, maintains the strength and durability of the joints.
Megatite LTN epoxy adhesive is one of the quality products that can be used for repair and reconstruction. Application of Megatite LTN epoxy adhesive for repair includes all surfaces, including concrete and stone

Methods of repair or reconstruction of concrete and stone

Concrete and stone are among the surfaces that are more prone to breakage or cracking and need to be repaired and rebuilt. Various methods are used to repair and reconstruct concrete and stone surfaces, which we will examine in the following.

Repair of concrete surfaces

Concrete is one of the surfaces that may be cracked and damaged during construction or use. In these cases, different methods are used to repair and renovate it. These methods include Re-concreting or reconstructing concrete, repair of unformed concrete surfaces, concrete spraying, precast concrete with injected mortar and using epoxy adhesive. Among the methods introduced, the use of epoxy adhesive for repair and reconstruction of concrete surfaces has better results. Of course, it is worth mentioning that in these cases, the cause of damage to the concrete surface should be investigated first and in accordance should be repaired. But in all cases, epoxy adhesives are able to repair these surfaces with better quality and higher durability.

Restoration of stone surfaces

Stone surfaces, especially facade stones, crack or break after a while. This causes further Complications in the building. Stone surfaces should be repaired and rebuilt as soon as possible. It is common to use screws and roll plates or epoxy adhesive to repair. In this case, epoxy adhesive gives optimal, mostly permanent results.

Repair or renovation?

To answer the question, different aspects must be considered. But in general, if different surfaces of the building have minor damages that can be repaired, then repairing is better. This in case of the absence of other factors like monotony and boredom for renovation.
 By repairing different surfaces, you can save a lot of expense. For using the correct method of repair like using epoxy adhesive, there is no need for expert workers. Also, using these products is very low-cost compared to renovating different parts of the building. 

You can easily repair damaged concrete and stone surfaces using Megatite LTB epoxy adhesive.

Stone fracture and crack repair with epoxy adhesive

According to the article on “Application of Epoxy Adhesive in Construction Industry”, using this product to repair stone surfaces is associated with the best results. To repair these surfaces with adhesive, you must pour a mixture of resin and hardener on the cracked or broken surface. This penetrates the adhesive into the grooves and fills the crack which will make a deep connection. This application of epoxy adhesive causes the surfaces to be effectively joined together in a permanent bond. However, pressure injection method can also be used to repair stone surfaces.

Megatite S epoxy adhesive is suitable for repairing stone surfaces. The viscosity of this product is appropriate and it is consistent. also, it repairs the stone without damaging it.

Concrete fracture and crack repair with epoxy adhesive

Using epoxy adhesive to repair concrete surfaces is a great idea; because these materials can be easily mixed and used. In addition, after the reconstruction, it is tested for proper quality and durability. It is better to rub these surfaces mechanically and then clean them with suitable chemicals. The concrete surface must be thoroughly clean and dry when using epoxy adhesive.

Megatite SF epoxy adhesive is a product used to repair metal and fiberglass surfaces. This product can easily fix caused problems.

Features of a suitable adhesive for repair and reconstruction

Given what has been said, the use of epoxy adhesive will be very useful for repairing various surfaces. This is due to the features that these products have. One of the prominent features of these adhesives is their suitable viscosity. In addition, special chemical formulas that cause permanent attachment between surfaces, high durability, resistance to temperature changes, no damage to the façade, etc. are some of the features of these products.

Megatite adhesives for repair and reconstruction of surfaces

Megatite brand adhesives are produced special formulations. Accordingly, it has excellent quality and the quality of repair and reconstruction of surfaces can be guaranteed. In the previous sections of this article, a number of products of this brand are introduced. But in addition to them, other products in this brand have been prepared for repair of various surfaces, which we will discuss in the following.

Megatite LTM

Megatite C

Megatite LTC

These products, like the previous adhesives mentioned above, are very suitable for the reconstruction and sealing of stone and concrete surfaces. The method of preparation and directions are stated along with other information on the packages of these products.

Important notes to consider when buying adhesive

When buying epoxy adhesive for repair and reconstruction, be sure to pay attention to such things as their applications, surfaces that need reconstruction and their features. Also pay attention to which substrates these products are suitable for and what is their POT life and limitations of their use. Of course, for more complete information about these cases, you can refer to the “Comprehensive Guide to Using Epoxy Adhesive”.


In this article, we tried to point out another application of epoxy adhesive. Based on the points mentioned in this article, you can perform the reconstruction and repair of different parts of the building in the shortest amount of time and excellent quality by ordering one of the Megatite brand adhesives. Relying on the knowledge of its engineers and the latest technologies in the world, this brand has formulated products that stand along well with similar foreign products. So you can increase the durability of the structure by ordering these products and using them.

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