Comprehensive Guide to Repair and Reconstruct Concrete and Stone

How can stone and concrete fractures be repaired with epoxy adhesive?

After several years of using the building, its various surfaces may be damaged and cracked. Therefore, the need to repair and rebuild surfaces is felt at this stage. Since concrete and stone are among the most widely used materials in construction, the need to repair and reconstruct concrete and stone is more considerable than other surfaces. Accordingly, in this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the repair and reconstruction of concrete and stone surfaces.

Causes of Concrete Surface Damage

Concrete and stone surfaces may be damaged by various factors and need to be repaired. Therefore, you need to be familiar with how to repair these surfaces and the materials needed to do so. These materials include epoxy adhesives. According to the application of epoxy adhesive in the construction industry, this product is one of the most efficient methods for reconstruction. But before you get acquainted with these methods, you should know the causes of these injuries. This will help you choose one of the methods of repairing concrete and stone with full awareness to move the work forward. In this article, the reasons for the damage of these surfaces are explained.

Due to the nature and structure of concrete, they have very high strength. But this statement is not a reason for them not to get damaged. There are several factors that can cause cracks, fractures, or damage to concrete surfaces. These factors include:

  • Excess water in concrete

    If the amount of water used in the concrete building is too much, it will cause the concrete texture to become porous. For this reason, the strength of concrete is reduced and it shows less resistance against various factors and wears out sooner.

  • Improper design in different parts of the structure

    There may be defects in the design of the building that cause cracks in the concrete surface. These cracks reduce the surface resistance and speed up the impact of various factors. It is recommended to be very careful in designing the structure. But if for any reason you encounter cracks in these surfaces, use epoxy adhesive for repair and reconstruction.

  • Defects in the construction of structures

    Concrete surfaces will be vulnerable if defects such as mismeasurements, miscalculations or concrete formwork failures occur during the construction of the structure. According to the “Comprehensive Repair and Reconstruction Guide”, you should take these problems seriously and fix them as soon as possible.

  • Degradation due to chemicals

    Alkaline, acidic substances such as sulfate and the effect of alkaline reactions of aggregates are also effective factors in concrete damage. Therefore, take seriously the presence of these materials around the structure, the nature of the water near the building, and so on

  • damage due to thermal shocks

    Temperature changes, shrinkage and expansion of the surface due to freezing and melting, cause cracks to form on these surfaces. When concrete freezes, its pores become somewhat saturated with water. This water is released as the ice melts and enters the concrete texture. This cycle destroys the concrete texture and reduces its strength. The same is true with rocks. According to these statements, repair and reconstruction of concrete and stone is one of the most important points in construction.

  • Erosion and wear

    One of the factors destroying concrete surfaces is the effect of corrosive factors such as water. By insulating the surfaces, this problem can be prevented.

Megatite LTB adhesive, with its unique properties can bond stone and concrete surfaces well and seal cracks. Excellent adhesion, thinness and resistance to temperature changes, chemicals and sunlight makes it suitable in these cases.

  • Problems in the armature network

    During the construction of the structure, the reinforcement nets are covered with Portland cement. This cement has alkaline properties and prevents the penetration and impact of destructive factors. But when the concrete surface cracks, water easily penetrates it and erodes the reinforcement mesh. This will cause irreparable damage and must be addressed immediately.

  • Fraction

    Cracks on the reinforcement nets should be taken seriously and use methods such as the use of epoxy adhesive for repair and reconstruction. These cracks indicate that the concrete is being demolished.

  • Overloading capacity

    Another factor that causes damage to concrete surfaces is overloading on these surfaces. Concrete has a very high strength; But its capacity to withstand pressure is also limited. Therefore, it should not be loaded more than usual. Otherwise, it should be repaired as mentioned in “Comprehensive Repair and Reconstruction Guide”.

Causes of stone Surfaces Damage

Nowadays, different stones are used in different parts of structures such as floors, stairs, walls and facades. But what is important is that the damage at these surfaces should be investigated and repaired immediately. Because it may cause damage to parts of the building or cause casualties. Therefore, in this part of the article, we will investigate the causes of damage to stone surfaces. There are several reasons for stone damage, including the following:

  • Impact of water and humidity

    The effect of water, especially rainwater, on the rocks physically and chemically causes their destruction. Rainwater contains various chemicals and destroys building stones when poured on them. This destruction may be physical and wear it down. Or be chemical and affect its structure. A very effective method with good results is using epoxy adhesive to repair and regenerate stone.

  • Not choosing the right stone

    According to the “Comprehensive Repair and Reconstruction Guide”, the stone must be used in the right place. Each stone has unique physical and chemical properties and is suitable for a specific application. So when preparing the stone, you should also pay attention to the appropriate substrate for its use.

Megatite S epoxy adhesive with chemical formula and properties such as consistency, excellent adhesion, fast application speed and high compressive and tensile strength, is an excellent option for repair and reconstruction of concrete and stone.

  • Impact of thermal shocks

    When a rock is destroyed by chemicals or physical agents, the effect of temperature changes on it increases. Due to these factors, water particles penetrate into the pores of the rock and freeze inside these pores when it is cold. As the air warms, the ice melts and water penetrates the rock texture. This can happen with both stone and concrete surfaces. thus, the need is felt to repair and renovate concrete and stone surfaces.

Megatite C epoxy adhesive is an example of an epoxy adhesive suitable for repairing and regenerating surfaces. Easy to use, room-temperature curing, excellent adhesion, etc. making it easy for users to use.

How to repair and reconstruct concrete and stone

There are several methods for repairing and reconstructing concrete and stone surfaces.

Concrete repair and reconstruction methods

To repair cracked or worn concrete surfaces, it is better to choose one of the following methods:

  • Re-concreting
  • Unreinforced concrete surface repair
  • Concreting
  • Use of prestressed concrete
  • Epoxy adhesive

stone repair and reconstruction methods

  • Use screws and roll plates
  • Epoxy adhesive
  • Use mortar and grout

Why is epoxy adhesive the best method?

Of all the methods mentioned for repairing and renovating surfaces, the use of epoxy adhesive for repair and reconstruction is the best method. There are several reasons for this claim.

  • Ease of use·
  • Fast application
  • Excellent chemical and temperature resistance
  • Mechanical strength (compressive, tensile and shear much higher than concrete) against pressures
  • No need for professional personnel
  • Low installation cost
  • Strengthens the damaged surfaces being a kind of protective coating against corrosion.

Properties of epoxy adhesive suitable for regenerating concrete and stone

Epoxy adhesives used to repair concrete and stone surfaces have good viscosity. If you use adhesive to repair concrete surfaces, you should use products that have low viscosity and penetrate well into the grooves and voids of the surface. But if you are looking for a suitable epoxy adhesive for repairing stone surfaces, you can use different types of this product that have capabilities such as consistency, transparency, etc. Of course, for more complete information in this regard, you can refer to the “Comprehensive Guide to Stone Facade Implementation” with epoxy adhesive.

Epoxy adhesives such as Megatite LTC, Megatite LTM, Megatite LTL and Megatite SF are suitable options for repair and reconstruction of concrete and stone

How to repair and reconstruct concrete and stone with epoxy adhesive

If you decided to repair the concrete and stone surface using epoxy adhesive, you should first learn how to do this. To perform this reconstruction, it is necessary to determine the cracked surface. Then clean the desired surface from any dirt and contamination. In order to get the best results at the end of the work, it is better to mechanically clean the damaged part on concrete or stone. After that, clean the surface from dust. Leave the hardener and resin at room temperature for 24 hours. Combine hardener and resin in the specified proportions according to the description on the package.

Now pour the formulation on the crack or apply on the back of the stone as spots. To learn more about how to use epoxy adhesive, you can read the “Comprehensive Guide to Using Epoxy Adhesive”. Epoxy adhesive protects the surface against all destructive agents after full curing and hardening

Megatite is a manufacturer of two-part epoxy adhesives for various applications in construction, petrochemical, oil, gas, power, water, and wastewater industries.

Megatite accompanies you through the repair and reconstruction process of concrete and stone

The “Comprehensive Repair and Reconstruction Guide” of concrete and stone, will guide you in doing the best work by providing important tips in repairing these surfaces, it is hoped that the points made in this article will well answer the readers’ questions. Note that Megatite brand products can be the best option for better results in the repair and reconstruction of concrete and stone. The products of this brand are formulated according to the latest technology and standards in the world and they are a good competitor for similar foreign products.

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