Epoxy adhesives

Gain the highest levels of use as a versatile adhesive in various industries

Fiberglass pipe and fittings

A very good alternative to metal equipment in
advanced industries

Our Products and Services

Fiberglass vessels

storing corrosive and
non-corrosive chemicals, vapors, corrosive gases and foodstuffs

Corrosion resistant coatings

Proper solution to prevent corrosion and fire

Fiberglass Pipes & Fittings GRP, GRE, GRVE

Suitable replacement for advanced pipe and metal fittings

Epoxy adhesives

Two-component epoxy adhesives, The power of adhesion beyond your imagination

fiberglass power transmission poles

Creating a sustainable network without corrosion

other services

composite engineering services of design and analysis

Pooyesh Composite Yekta

The increasing growth of polymer technologies and composite materials production in the world, as well as the high advantages of this technology, has been led to the further expansion of using these materials in various fields of industry, including oil and gas, water and sewage, aerospace, electricity and etc. Pooyesh Composite Yekta Company is one of the highly engineered fiberglass products manufacturer for the general industry and especially the chemical industry with Megatite brand.

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International certificates

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member of the vendor list

member of the vendor list

The Ministry of Petroleum updated its long list of resources on May 12, 2020, listing 1,287 companies as sources of supply for the ministry’s central office, which also includes the name of the Pouyesh Composite Yekta company in this list.The explanation of this...

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What Are Epoxy Resins

What Are Epoxy Resins

There are tons of articles on the Internet about epoxy resins, and most of them address the topic superficially rather than expertly. It is clear to everyone that epoxy resin has many applications in various industries from construction to the petrochemical, oil,...

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