Pouyesh Composite Yekta, a member of the vendor list or long list of in-house manufacturers at the Ministry of Oil

The Ministry of Petroleum updated its long list of resources on May 12, 2020, listing 1,287 companies as sources of supply for the ministry’s central office, which also includes the name of the Pouyesh Composite Yekta company in this list.The explanation of this update stated that: “The resources available in the country have been evaluated by the technical and commercial committees of the central system, and the names of these have been identified according to the report of the head of the central apparatus at the Ministry of Oil. Sources that obtained the approved quorum. In 2018, a long list of sources was evaluated. Centrally located, the circular of 2016, issued by the Minister of Petroleum, No. 2-20 / 437057, obliges all major companies and companies affiliated with the Ministry of Petroleum to use the Ministry’s resource list at all levels of transactions.

What is a vendor list?

Professional clients, such as government agencies, prepare a long list to access the specific goods or services they need to be provided with in a short time, by evaluating suppliers and manufacturers with reputable reputation. This list is called an Approved Vendor List.Supplier is a reputable commercial company that supplies goods or services that have been approved by that organization.

How does a vendor list work?

In large industries such as petrochemical, oil and gas, steel, power, etc., the sensitivity of project implementation is very high. The slightest error or use of substandard goods can lead to project failure and loss of resources. To ensure that contractors, establishments, or organizations purchase and also monitor them, they first rate the manufacturing and distribution companies with various assessments and test their products.

The companies that have the minimum quality assessment indicators that have been approved by the Supreme Council for the Review of Institutional Resources are then grouped into a long list or vendor list. At the time of implementation of the project, the business owner attaches a list of all goods, equipment and approved manufacturing or distribution companies, that is, a list of vendors. The contractor is also required to purchase and use all equipment and items required for the project from suppliers within the vendor list.

How do I check the list of oil companies’ sellers?

To search for resource status in the long list of the Ministry of Oil, all you have to do is enter the official electronic supply system for the oil industry and enter the “national identity” or “Iran code” of the company in the search box. If the company in question is a member of the Ministry of Petroleum’s vendor list, it will be shown in the search results.

The full list of Ministry of Oil resources can also be downloaded below.

Megatite is a manufacturer of composite products such as fiberglass tubes, epoxy adhesives and fiberglass tanks. This company is a member of the Ministry of Oil’s Vendor List as one of the most reliable sources of supply of goods and equipment.

Investigation of the Pouyesh Composite Yekta company in the resources system of the Ministry of Oil

You can check the status of this company by referring to the resource system of the Ministry of Petroleum and entering the national number: 14007198916 of the Pouyesh Composite Yekta company in the search box and activating the “National Identity” sign (which you can see in the image above).If you entered the national number correctly, the following image will appear.