Megatite C

Two-Part Transparent Epoxy Adhesive for adhering various surfaces
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Megatite C

Megatite C is a two-part transparent non sag, consistent adhesive up to 35°C with void filling properties.

Concrete surfaces

Metals surfaces

Wooden surfaces

Polymer surfaces

Stone installation

Installation of marble, granite, large ceramic tiles on walls and fences in and outdoors

Connecting heterogeneous surfaces

Stone-concrete, metal-wood, metal-concrete, metal-stone


marble, granite and stones


stone surfaces, Minerals, concrete, metal and fiberglass products


  • Simple 1:3 mix ratio
  • Semi-solid, flexible
  • Consistent in vertical surfaces
  • Completely transparent
  • Maintains adhesion strength after long periods of water immersion after being fully cured.
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • No color seepage suitable for marble and other white and light stones
  • Resistant to vibration and shocks.

Proper installation surfaces


Shear walls


Wooden plates

Reinforced concrete



1- In relation to installation on iron surfaces, before installation, the metal surface should be cleaned of any contamination such as dirt and rust and… by the masonry process

2- In connection with installation on cement surfaces, the bottom cement layer:

  • Has a minimum compressive strength of 24 MPa.
  • Must be at least 28 days old before installation.


Mix ratio 3:1 by volume
mixing Until a homogenous mixture is obtained
Gel time for 100g in 77°F (25°C) 20 minutes
Minimum working temperature 50°F (10°C)
Initial cure in 77°F (25°C) 12 hours
Full cure time 4 days in 77°F (25°C)
temperature Gel time Minimum time for initial cure Minimum time to achieve optimal properties
10 80 min 48 h 8 days
15 40 min 24 h 6 days
25 20 min 10-15 h 4 days
40  15 min 6 h 2 days
Maximum operation temperature 158°F (70°C)
Density 1.1g/cm3
Tensile strength 55MPa
Shear strength 12MPa
Compressive strength 60MPa
Flexural strength 25MPa
Linear expansion coefficient 60*10-6mm/mm/°C


Curing condition: 7 days in room temperature
If ingredients were mixed correctly, no spotting on light and white marble stones and ceramics would occur.

Surface Preparation

Resin and hardener must be kept in 77°F (25°C) for 24 hours before application. All surfaces must be clear of any grease, dust, hardeners, and other contaminants and should also be clean and dry before applying epoxy adhesives. The surface of any product to be adhered must be prepared to access the pure hard surface underneath which is to be covered with the adhesive completely. The surface must first be sanded with an abrasive roller with a diamond blade, the resulting dust should be removed with a fiber brush. After that, the remaining dust can be removed from the surface with a damp sponge to ensure complete contact. Finally, dry the surface completely with a piece of cloth, then start using the adhesive.

Directions for Use

The strength and durability of a bonded joint are dependent on proper treatment of the surfaces to be bonded. At the very least, joint surfaces should be cleaned with a good degreasing agent such as acetone or other proprietary degreasing agents in order to remove all traces of grease, dirt and oil.
Gasoline, paint thinners or alcohol should never be used for this purpose.
The strongest and most durable joints are obtained by either mechanically abrading or chemically pickling the degreased surfaces.


Resin and hardener must be mixed thoroughly in room temperature in 3:1 mix ratio (3 parts resin, one part hardener) for 2 minutes using a spatula until a homogenous mix is obtained.


It is important to use the exact ration and not mix approximate amounts of the components. Different ratios may result in different properties such as failing to cure or color change in time. After applying adhesive, tools and surfaces can be cleaned with warm water. Adding soap would easy the process.


Each product comes with 2 spatulas and elastic gloves in the following sizes:

 20 kg
10 kg
1080 g

Shelf life

Minimum storage life for unopened containers stored in a dry, cold area at less than 95°F (35°C), is 2 years with no change in adhesion or properties.

Precautionary Information

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Megatite adhesives are non-toxic and have low odor.
  • In cold temperatures, avoid crossing over the work site until the adhesive is completely hardened.
  • Before it is cured, resin is harmful to eyes and skin. Prolonged contact with it must be avoided. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Use suitable gloves when applying.

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