Fiberglass poles

Transition tower and cross-linking arms used on the poles are considered to be key points in the transmission and distribution lines. The power poles should be designed in such a way that they can withstand different forces because of the high cost of repairing defective poles and the installation of new poles as well as damages to industrial centers due to power outages, including damages for which huge sums Should be played.

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Some advantages of using composites in the electrical industry

High strength to weight ratio

long lifetime

Excellent thermal and chemical resistance

to corrosive environments such as seafront, ports and high-rise areas

Good efficiency

as electrical and thermal insulation

Reducing interference

with radio waves

Reduced power loss

by preventing electrical leakage from line to pole

Economical and low cost

 of transportation, installation and maintenance.

Quick installation

and no need for heavy machinery

Up to now, the poles and cross-linking arms have been made from wood, concrete and steel.  Nowadays, in advanced countries, instead of the old ones, fiberglass poles are used because of their great advantages. Although the initial cost of fiberglass composites is higher than metal, concrete and wood materials, reducing the cost of installation, services, maintenance and resistance to corrosion are all that make the composites occupy a special place in the electrical transition line industry.fiberglass poles with one-third weight of the wooden poles, half weight of the steel poles, and only one-tenth of the concrete foundation poles weights are a very attractive choice for most power companies.

Energy tunnels

One of the applications of fiberglass composites in the power industry is the construction of pipes for cableways and energy tunnels. GRP pipes can be used in combination with special fittings and accessories to form a multi-layered, multi-row cable system. These pipes are used for urban power network cables and underground telecommunication cables.

Pooyesh Composite Yekta Company is the perfect choice for the power industry by providing various solutions for different environmental conditions. Our products include different types of poles and energy tunnels.

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